As the name suggests, A Wild Life is about living a life closer to nature. It’s a collection of my own meandering experiences with wildlife and how reconnecting with nature has helped me to turn my life around. I hope to bring you informative articles on conservation, nature based travel, wildlife and how to make it a bigger part of your life.

As a species we are more disconnected from the natural world than ever before. Many of us work in jobs that we hate, hunched over desks below artificial lighting all day. And on our breaks and after work we sit glued to our phones, gobbling up platitudes from self-appointed social media influencers with idealised, perfectly Instagrammed lives. None of that is healthy.

In 2018 I was desperately unhappy. My job was physically crippling me, my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I was taking anti-anxiety medication daily. I was literally at breaking point and I realised that if I didn’t change the way my life was heading I might never break free from the downward spiral. So I left my job. Change can be difficult and change can be scary. I gave up financial security but in return gave myself the time to pursue a life that makes me genuinely happy.

For those who know me it won’t come as a surprise that the natural world makes me happy. I’ve been obsessed with animals from a young age, have a degree in marine biology and a masters in ecology. Wildlife has always been a part of my life but it wasn’t until I made it all of my life that things started to improve.

Reconnecting with nature doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive and you don’t need to quit your job like I did. You also don’t have to travel the world (although that is nice) – nature is everywhere and its benefits can be transformational. Go for a walk, sit in the garden, try your hand at birdwatching, plant a tree, grow your first cabbage, learn how to identify bees, drag your partner kicking and screaming to find snakes…. the choices are endless and I hope this blog gives you the inspiration to follow your own Wild Life.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a very inspiring About section! I’m currently moving into freelance writing, and one of the things I’d like to do is tell the stories of people who live close to nature: scientists, conservationists, outdoors-people, photographers – anybody; the point is to show readers that the relationship between ourselves and nature doesn’t always have to be exploitative.

    If you send me a short email at jaguarandallies [at] gmail [dot] com, I’d love to chat more about you and your story. I can’t promise anything big will come of it, but it won’t hurt to chat and see where it leads.

    Thanks for following me!

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