Species in focus: Tree Bumblebee

The Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum) is one of the ‘Big 7’ widespread and abundant Bumblebee species found in the UK, despite only arriving in the country in 2001. Identification: The Tree Bumblebee is a very distinctive species and easy to identify. It has a completely ginger-brown thorax, a black abdomen and a white tail. In […]

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Species in Focus: Nepenthes ampullaria

Today’s Species in focus is a fascinating tropical pitcher plant from South East Asia. Description: Nepenthes ampullaria like many plant species doesn’t really have a common name, although in Pitcher Plants of Borneo (an excellent book) by Anthea Phillips and Anthony Lamb it was given the vernacular name Flask-shaped Pitcher Plant. This name describes it […]

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Species in Focus: Ocean Quahog

Identification: The Ocean Quahog (Arctica islandica) is a long-lived, edible, marine bivalve. It has a solid, heavy, oval to rounded shell up to 13cm in length. The shell is sculptured with numerous, fine concentric lines and is covered in a thick, glossy periostracum. In juveniles the periostracum is straw coloured, becoming darker with age and […]

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